PCI DSS Compliance Service

Organizations that store, process, or transmit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Whatever your company’s PCI compliance goals are, SecIQ has the right services to help you achieve them and build a sustainable compliance program. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards apply to all entities that process credit cards, including Merchants, processors, acquirers, Issuers, and Service Providers. PCI DSS applies to all entities that process and/or transmit Cardholder Data (CHD) or Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) consulting, auditing, and pragmatic security solutions.

Benefits of PCI DSS Compliance:

PCI Gap Assessment Offerings

PCI Policies & Procedures

Policy and procedure are key components of PCI DSS. In most cases, organizations may have internal working practices that satisfy PCI DSS requirements, but these processes are organic and not shared across the organization. The documenting of processes, security technology, and card data flows of an organization is critical to comply with the PCI DSS and reduce the risk of card fraud.

How can we help with PCI policy procedures?

As part of our approach, we work with you to understand your organization and produce documents that are tailored to support compliance, as well as improve your overall security posture. If implemented correctly, PCI DSS compliance can benefit your organization far beyond just compliance. It doesn’t have to be complicated to support compliance.

PCI SAQ Assessment

Self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs) can make PCI compliance easier for organizations with low transaction volumes. Identifying the right SAQ and managing compliance programs is challenging for many organizations. Often, guidance from a compliance expert can be invaluable in achieving and maintaining compliance.

PCI DSS Compliance Review SAQ

A PCI consultant will analyse your business, card data flow, and select the most appropriate SAQ standard based on the understanding of the business. Following a gap analysis, our consultant will engage with the company stakeholders and provide recommendations for gap closure. You will not only help fill out the selected PCI SAQ but also be provided with guidance on attestation requirements.

PCI DSS Remediation Support

The SecIQ team assists the client during Remediation and Audit Preparation by closing all the identified gaps during the Gap Assessment phase and preparing the system audit for PCI compliance.

PCI DSS Controls Implementation

SecIQ helps organizations implement PCI DSS controls in the cloud (AWS, AZURE, GCP)
We also provide PCI-DSS support services and solutions as below:

Our team of expert can assist you if you are ready to take the next steps to ensure that your company is conforming to industry standards that safeguard both you and your consumers.

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